Birgitte Ramskov Birgitte ramskov

My field of work is painting:
acrylics on canvas or mixed media on paper.

My specific interest is the interaction between painting and architecture. That is why I oftenwork in series. For instance in Utzon´s church in Bagsværd (Copenhagen) I have exhibited a series of 24 paintings.

But also special sizes, oblong or very big paintings are a result of this interest: as examples I would like to emphasize commissioned paintings for Sophienberg Palace in Rungsted, and I met an almost similar challenge in a number of privately commissioned paintings, 2-4 meters high.

The most important part of my education took place at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, in the Department of Professor Helge Bertram, final exam 1981. Before this I had a final
degree from the School of Arts and Crafts, The Danish School of Design, Copenhagen. Recently I have studied Art History at the University of Copenhagen, B.A. 2004.

Literature: Weilbach, Dansk Kunstnerleksikon, Copenhagen 1998.

Tværleddet 6a
DK 2880 Bagsværd
(+45) 4498 2636

Ultramarine. Watercolor, mixed media. 70 x 100 cms @