Hans Jürgen Simon






Working with print media – that is how Hans Jürgen Simon impartially characterizes his work and thus describes simultaneously the material out of which he crates his art, together with the process of realization.

In his studio in Georgmarienhütte, Hans Jürgen Simon has been composing his virtuoso, imaginatively original and pure form and color tones of high aesthetic value since 1991. He concentrates on the quality of the paper, their colorfulness and the typography of the media. These are the immanent experiences and which he arranges in such way, that something completely new and unique arises.

Hans Jürgen Simon has been presenting his work “Working with Print Media” in public nationally and internationally since 1994.

Hans Jürgen Simon

Am Harderberg 25

D-49124 Georgsmarienhütte

(+49) (0) 5401/4 02 32


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