Ann-Kerstina Nielsen

When producing and printing images, I consider the environment, whenever possible. They are produced without using chemicals and without heating plates or inks. During recent years I have used packaging both as an image but also as a material in the process, images have been produced using recycled paper and Plexiglas. Using old calendars, cornflake boxes or any packaging I find around, can give me inspiration and each item changes its appearance when reused in a new art form.

Working with print and art images, the process has changed and developed during the past 10 years, the result is towards protecting the environment. Previously petrol and turpentine would be used; today cooking oils are used to clean the plates and tools. Whereas in the past we heated the plates and the inks, now we can use "Easy wipe" which assists in wiping the plates.
Due to the fact that I work with paper and Plexiglas I can print an alternative to etching and experiment to obtain the same expression without using acid. Experimenting has led me to find alternative ways to colour and process works, most recently using digital print as in the print technique "Chine Collé" and "Laser Litografi".

Ann-Kerstina GALLERI NO 44, Møllergade 44
Dk 5700 Svendborg
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