Steen Rasmussen

Started out as a printing Artist and are now also  challenge his printing  by experimenting with the limits of the graphic practice, developing his two-dimensional prints into 3. dimensional works / installations.

Have had exhibitions in Galleries, kunsthalle and museums in Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia Hercegovinia, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden.

Member of
Artistsociety DK
Danish Visual Artists (BKF )
The Danish Printmakers Association
The Funen Printmaking Workshop

Tulstrupvej 126 Jaungyde
DK 8680 Ry
(+45) 3054 5410 / 8689 1086

The amusement park, 200 x 200 x 130 cm. Foto Ole Jørgensen @