15.08. - 13.09.2009

Kunstpakhuset, Lilletorv 5
DK 7430 Ikast, + (45) 2311 1019



At present, RIIMFAXE has 14 existing members from both Denmark and Germany, 10 of which are exhibiting this year, plus 2 guests.
The chosen theme for this year's exhibition is "Couples". The theme being both inspirational, limiting, initiative and challenging. Some artists have a concrete relation to the theme, others free their imagination to enable the spectator to interpret the work.
An inner desire is the driving force behind the RIIMFAXE artists. We, as individuals, interpret the theme, decide the works to be shown, and together build the exhibition.
The artists sense the world that surrounds them and transform visual impressions into composition, form and colour. They convert experience through colour onto canvas, capture moments on film and both model and connect forms in sculpture and tactile surfaces, all under constant experiments and refinement.


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